Getting Security for Your Copier

Are you doing everything that you can to protect your businesses data? Many people think that they have great protection from possible attacks, but many people have a glaring weak spot. Getting security for your copier is an often overlooked part of protecting your businesses, but that can be a huge mistake.

Getting copier security is the only way to protect the data on your copier. When we tell people this they are shocked that there is an data on their office copier to worry about in the first place. This is a common misconception.

Inside every modern copier and printer is a powerful hard drive that keeps track of everything that happens in your machine. That means that there is a duplicate of every copy you’ve made, print that’s been produced, fax that’s been sent and image that has been printed. All of this can be accessed through your copier hard drive if you don’t have protection.

That can be a lot more data than you actually realize. It’s not just your data that could be taken, it’s anyone that has had any information printed on your machine.

  • Business correspondence
  • Legal pages
  • Personal Contact information
  • Family members’ private data
  • Health Information
  • Social Security numbers

All of this and more could be taken if you are not careful. That’s why getting security for your copier is something that you will not want to skip.