Used Copiers

8yZS1dXVnM2YwQJTqY8QgIh9I2r-z4NVgQVezFj2bEEFinding the Best Used Copier—The Essentials

Before you go buy a used copier, you must beware of the negatives in this market. Knowing these things can save you from overpaying for a cheap copier that does not work. Remember: You buy cheap, you buy twice.
Not that you cannot find a great used copier, but you have to know a few things to watch out for. For example, how much and how long did they use the copier in the past? Manufacturers give their copiers an estimated 18 months before the major internal components start to fail.

Look out for copiers that seem suspiciously low. Examine everything closely before you decide to buy. In many cases, they have priced the copier low for a reason, and if you leap before you look, it could cost you more than what the copier is worth when it breaks down. Also, how much will you need to use the copier? If you plan to use it a lot and want to save money, buying a used copier is not the answer.

You will be better off buying or leasing a new one because there is less risk that it will break down on you in the near future. However, if you will only print documents once in a while, a used copier is the way to go, and it can save you a lot on the need to buy a new copier. Nevertheless, ask lots of a questions and check that it is a good deal before buying.